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Posted May 9, However, i will reply it since you mentioned my name specifically.

Sowmya Name Meaning

The nine planets are divided into natural malefics and natural benefics. Venus, vriddhi Moon, a well associated Mercury and Jupiter are natural benefics. However, a natural benefic owning a kendra ie H1,H4, H7 or H10 will become a malefic. The maleficience is not lost unless the planet occupies a Kendra in the horoscope. Now,when the natural benefic owns the first house, whehter that can be counted as a malefic or not depends on the other house owned by the planet. Hope this clarifies. Your content will need to be approved by a moderator.

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Reply to this topic Announcements Posts are approved by the moderators once or twice a day. Please be patient for your posts to show up. Vishnu Sahasranamam MP3. Lakshmi Sahasranamam MP3. If yes, nobody can separate you. If no, nobody can make you live together. I had mentioned the same in my another reply also, but in this post this is first time I have mentioned this.

If after following the same what i have discussed above you face some problems to find out your answer, so let me know, I will obviously guide you further. I want both the parents to be present for our marriage. My marriage talks are going on with the person I love but his family is not agreeing to it. Will they get convinced and will I marry him or have an arranged marriage? I did show my horoscope to 2 people but they both gave different answers, one said yes other said no. It will be great if you can help, so that I will move on and get both of our families out of the trouble and pain we al going through.

Sir my dob is 11th September , am at kolkata. My bf is younger than me. His dob is 18th October pm kolkata, can we get married inspite of all adversities? Very much distressed. Please help. I,am loving one person his name is Sridhar. Becacuse I like a girl who is of my caste.

Plzz plzz tell me sir if any chance of love marriage Thankyou for reading this I am waiting for your reply. Hello sir.. I want both my parents and my love..

S name Horoscope Rashifal 2019 - जानिए S नाम वाले - राशिफल साल 2019

But still if you want to know more about two marriages in horoscope so just read this article — Second Marriage or Two marriages in horoscope. Over here you will get only some basic points. If you want to know more in depth, let me know. I will definitely guide you dear.

It would be a great help sir if u tel about me and my love. It almost impossible I think to get married. Bt what would u tel after studying our details. Hi Sir, I m a brahmin girl having bf of obc cast. My dob at His at am. He is aprox 1. Is it possible to get married with parents permission? I can see i hv love marrige in my kundli. I dont want to loose any of them. In this case see the position of 2nd house and its lord, Rahu and Mars. If the same is present in D-9 also, so that will become definite.

If Rahu is the linking planet in this yoga, so the matter will become more complected, worse and the native will become very confused and will remain even after marriage, it will take long time to become normal. If the planet is Mars, so, it makes the situation very fiery, anger is the main weapon of Mars, but after marriage within very short time it becomes normal again.

Presence of Jupiter will always make the situation more easier……. To draw any horoscope, only date of birth is not sufficient. Time and place of birth is also very important in vedic astrology. If you do not have these three so palmistry rules should be applied. In astrology — to know about anything, means any part of life, it may be career, marriage etc, we need to draw horoscope of the individual. For that — time of birth, place of birth and date of birth is needed. Still if you want to know — how to find yoga of love marriage and arrange marriage from a horoscope you can take help of my other articles and comments.

I have already discussed on this several times, you can see other comments and take the help of my articles too. See there is any connection between them in both of your chart, if they are connected then see other marriage related houses like — 1st house, 2nd house, 11th houses are also connected with them or not. If yes and are showing in both of your chart, so both of you will get love relationships which may convert into marriage in life, whether that will be ultimately converted or not, that will depend upon the marital combination in Navamsa or d If d-9 also shows the same love marriage yoga so love marriage is confirmed.

In case of finding connections — nakshatra, argala, planetary aspects, exchanges should be seen, in case of D-9 no need take nakshatra under consideration. If you read my previous comments properly so, you will get more clear picture on what I have mentioned above….. I want to know whether there is any chance of both of us get married to each other with permission of parents? Hello Sir, My name is Lakshita. My date of birth is 12 Feb Time hrs. Place: Delhi, India. I want to know about my married life.

Will I have love marriage or arranged marriage?

My name is Sushil. My dob : Nov 5, Time: hrs. Location: New Delhi, India. I know a lady , named Kavita. Dob: March 28, Time: am. Location : New Delhi, India. We know each other for over 4 months and have feelings for each other. Do you see any future? Will I ever find love in life and get married? Will I at all have a fruitful marriage with her or anyone else?

I am in great distress for the past two and half months…please advice…. Please read other comments, I have discussed several times on this topic dear….. I am from calcutta. I have two girls in my life. She is very much dedicated towards me, she is loyal but i dnt love her much though I like her a lot as she has always been a support.

Kindly guide me in detail. I will be obliged to you guyz as it is a major topic of my life. Our horoscopes match but astrologers suggest we should not marry as once we marry the girl will start dominating me, take me away from my family and in the extreme case may go up to the extent of filing a law suit against me. Both of us are mangliks, I am anshik manglik while the girl is severe manglik. We know each other for close to 2 years and want to get married but my family is refusing because of this prediction. It is not like that a person will become only dominating after marriage.

Actually what happens — love relationships without marriage is like an image with Photoshop editing, you can not see the real picture, but marriages are like a raw photo without editing, everything is visible. Anyways, Some people say that love marriages are not good because it only results into Divorce. The reality is no marriage system can be wrong, but your choice partner can be. Anyways, as far as astrology is concern two dominating planets are there who can make a person really dominating, those are Sun and Mars.

Any connection with Lagna, 4th house or their lords, so they will make a person very egoistic and dominating characteristic. How much strong those planets are in the horoscope that much strong character the person will get. Because, 4th house denotes mind and lagna or ascendant is the 10th from 4th — means the house of development of mind. Nakshatra connection will be counted also in such cases but not important that much.

Sometimes Saturn also give strong character but that depends upon other factors. I want to know can i have any love relationship as whenever i tried to make relationship it vanished in heated argument. Could you please help me. Please look at the 5th house and its lord in your horoscope or janam kundli, here I am talking about only your natal birth chart.

The nakshatra will also play an important role. If somehow 5th house or its lord is associated with any malefic planet Saturn, Rahu Ketu, Mars, Sun, Moon of Krishnapaksha, malefic influenced Mercury or house 6th, 8th, 12th so this thing will happen over and over. The samething will happen if Arudha lagna of 5th house is also involved in such way.

Always remember: In Astrology — in case of relationships — 6th house in horoscope gives temporary or short term separation, 8th house gives permanent or long term separation, 12th house keeps you always away from your partner for any reason. Reasons will vary horoscope to horoscope, planetary positions, Nakshatra connections and Argala or Planetary intervention.

India ToB: am Recently i hd break up bt i wnt to marry her is there any possibility of love marriage in my fate…. Here three things need to be done: 1. Horary Chart, 2. Numerology calculations and 3. Partially judge your Rashi and Navamsa. It needs time to calculate, so much.

Soumyadeep Meaning, Pronunciation and Origin

My name is madhu. Please help me to find out whether my marriage is with relative or outside person. Marriage proposal with relative is in broken state though horoscope matches. Her date of birth is 6th April Am,ongole Andhra Pradesh. Struggling a lot since jan with different problems like failure in career growth,marriage problem.

Hi sir please help me,My DOB is female pm Ongole AP,and my partener male is am Adilabad Telangana,Female i ma already divorced but did not lead martial life,and now this person wants to marry me,I already know him from 3years i am toatlly congfused i tried to say him all about the hurdles need to coz of age,caste ,area and financial statues,when i go through the compatability chart hes jatakam does not have any dosham but jatakam do have dosham so please make me some time and solve my issue or atleast let me know wether i will get married and will my marrige life be happy with other person please do help me sir.

I belong to sikh family. He belong to hindu family. His date of birth is 15 jun Sir, my family is agnist of our marrige. But we want to get married. Sir what will be to do to convince my family for our love marrige. Dear Sir, Below are my birth details. I would request your reply on my marriage prediction. Please inform when would I get married and if there can be any information type of job, affluence level etc. India ToB: I have a deep interest in astrology and am trying to learn it from various books and internet resources.

This had made me really worried. I believe he said this because my lord sat of the 7th house is in 6th house. Lord of 7th House of Navamsa is Venus and is placed in 10th House. Saturn however gets debilitated in Navamsa, which is bad. I am confused. Can you please help me sir? As you have mentioned that your 7th house lord is Saturn and placed in 6th house which is its own house that means in natal chart the lagna is Leo. How your married partner would be that not only depends upon 7th lord, yes, this is true that your 7th house is the house of marriage but if you want to get a a clear picture so you have to judge some other factors.

In some special cases secondary argala should be considered also. Judge the aspects of other planets too. D-9 is very important for marriages or marital life. Here also you have only mentioned the 7th lord. See other combinations also and how they are connected with marriage related houses of your horoscope.

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Take 7th house as Lagna or Ascendant and judge the chart in that way to see overall condition of your would be. Place Burhanpur,mp. His parents have agreed but my parents are objecting and we are convincing since 1. We do not want to run away or get married forcefully. We want a happy love marriage with parents permission.

Want to remove obstacles also. We want to marry each other only no-one else. Pls help. They are emotionally saying everything that they can. We have a financial difference he is struggling and working hard. Thank you very much Sir. I am little confused here u said his father.