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They have magnetism and the potential to lead but are often confused about priorities and can end up following someone less talented than themselves. They don't give way to the usual Capricornian obsession to follow the status quo. Because December 24 natives hide their feelings, it's impossible for others to understand them emotionally. They develop romantic fascinations easily and may find it difficult to know what they want from love.

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They enjoy being seen with an attractive partner, and they may confuse this with love. The dark side of people born on this date usually has roots in childhood. They may feel they failed to receive needed nurturing and may be self-critical as a result. As parents, they are usually indulgent but often understand the emotional needs of their child. People born on this date like to look their best, and if that requires following a complicated health and fitness regimen, they are all for it.

Paradoxically, their amazing self-discipline often goes hand in hand with fad dieting, as they try to prove just how much willpower they possess.

Like other people of their sign, December 24 people are hard workers who weather the sacrifices that come with success. They can follow rules they don't agree with, because they know self-discipline usually pays off. December 24 people are good financial planners and money managers.

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