28 day in numerology

New Moon's traditionally signify new beginnings. So 1 Personal Days and 5 Personal Days falling on a new moon can indicate significant beginnings or changes in life. Full Moon's represent the completion of a cycle and endings. People are also more intuitive when the moon is full.

Birthday number 28 meaning in Numerology – Secret of born on the 28th day of the month

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From time to time this website may also include links to other websites. I was born on JULY 10, After 28 years before 10 days of his Death date, I was Born..!! Please I need answers! Whatever that means. Incredible site!

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I believe we are all connected. Amazing site. What does 28 mean to me? My husband cheated on me and ever since I have seen 28 everywhere in some form , , , 82, etc. I've always felt he and I were meant to be and completed each other. I still feel that way. Why do I see 28? I'll look at the time and its something hour and 28 minutes. My oldest son's favorite episode of his favorite show that he always asks to watch is season 2, episode 8. I just noticed that the other day. Any ideas why I keep seeing 28 on license plates, prices of things, anything.

Licence plates, card readings, tickets, parkinglot spots, etc etc etc. This is 8. And 28 is my ex's birth date. What does that mean? Please anyone tell. And now its been more tgan 1 year. Us there any relation with my 28 and his bday date??? A presidential mission. Man got into trouble in Eden. When 28 hits you must become a Jeremiah. I don't even know, but somehow last night i stared thinking about them. And then I find out the considence. And my birthday is Anybody can explain to me what is the meaning of this?

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  • The number of completion. You must start again. Must learn how to make a hard decision. Had 28, pounds of payload. It was destroyed in flight over Texas. I bought my house when I was 28 yrs old on 22 Dec and have lived there every since. We are not super close but friendly. Not sure when my neighbour was born but I was born 5 mins into 28 Aug at Then I started noticing birthdays ect I see this number everyday In some way or another. I started feeling crazy for a min so every time I see the number's I point it out to my boyfriend!! He knows I'm not crazy lol it's mind boggling When I see the number's together usually we come across money!

    I'm serious, usually it's jobs for my bf.. Then another time i started seeing the number's together some guy called and wanted his whole house done.. My bf was waiting for a check in the mail seen the number's that morning and he got his check the same day! The number 28 follows me! I once was friends with a girl I'm no longer friends with names Ashley.

    I moved and met a girl named Ashley who became my best friend. Her birthday falls on the 28th day of October. Another friend of mine Sarah, who is different from a past Sara in my life birthday falls on the 28th day. My husband birthday is the 24 which has always struck me as the second 2 half 4 of me.

    Every path has primary and secondary influences

    My son husband and I are all Taurus strange? I'll also throw in that I just recently got my hair dreaded. I decided to count them for the first time And my two friends and my husband have been the only ones to support my decision. It's real creepy! Oh I might add the day I met my husband was February 28th! RE: The number 28 follows me!